A Strong Woman


Good morning, all! I am stoked to feature a writer I connected with recently who’s heart is all about helping others heal after divorce. Alexandra Hoffman is the founder of Divorced at 30. She’s a mental health advocate, motivator, and an optimist who loves to speak her truth. Follow along with her on Insta as well, @divorcedat30. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy her words this morning.

A Strong Woman… listens to the stories and wisdom of others.

A Strong Woman… is proud of her successes even if others are intimidated.

A Strong Woman… stands up to injustice and aligns herself with others who seek to make the world better.

A Strong Woman… falls in love, but always loves and honors herself first.

A Strong Woman… makes mistakes, but learns from them.

A Strong Woman… treats the janitor with the same respect she pays the president of the company.

A Strong Woman… speaks her truth.

A Strong Woman… knows how to say goodbye to a job, a friendship, or a relationship that no longer serves her.

A Strong Woman… adventures but doesn’t lose sight of home.

A Strong Woman… knows how to manage her finances and how to live independently.

A Strong Woman… has a past filled with both joys and sorrows.

A Strong Woman… isn’t afraid of a challenge or of change.

A Strong Woman… puts others before herself, but not at the expense of herself.

A Strong Woman… shows gratitude even when it feels like there’s nothing to be thankful for.

A Strong Woman… lends her voice to issues she is passionate about, even if others disagree.

A Strong Woman… knows how to mend a broken heart: hers or a friend’s.

A Strong Woman… can be sassy, can be shy, can be outspoken, can be funny, can be smart – can be whomever SHE chooses to be.              

A Strong Woman… knows when she should speak her mind and when she shouldn’t.

A Strong Woman… celebrates other strong women, and honors their struggles and triumphs.

A Strong Woman… stands up for herself.

A Strong Woman… knows how to engage in difficult conversations without offending the other side.

A Strong Woman… knows when to say sorry and how to give a genuine apology.      

A Strong Woman… empowers those around her.    

A Strong Woman… knows where to go to recharge and who to turn to for comfort.

A Strong Woman… makes her mental, spiritual, and physical health a priority.

A Strong Woman… knows when to say no.

A Strong Woman… may lose her footing and get lost, but is able to find her path again.

A Strong Woman… has stories only she knows.

A Strong Woman… knows how to take care of herself, all by herself; however, knows when to ask for help.

A Strong Woman… loves passionately even though there are no guarantees.

A Strong Woman… isn’t afraid of the effort and time required to make her dreams come true.

A Strong Woman… acknowledges the amazing possibilities that each new day offers.

A Strong Woman… is in charge of her own happiness and her own destiny.

A Strong Woman…

knows she still has lessons to learn.


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