Get Outta Town

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This morning I am heading to Austin to watch one of my besties get married! I couldn’t be happier to watch my dear friend and her amazing man say, “I do.” Not to mention, explore a city I’ve never been to! There’s really nothing better than a getaway with your nearest and dearest. Travel and good company have a way of refreshing the spirit like nothing else. The picture above was taken in Maui with one of my best friends. I was invited on this trip with her family and it couldn’t have been at a better time. I left for this trip a couple days after my ex-husband had moved back in and we were adjusting to life again post affair. Did I ever need time away to clear my mind!

There was something magical about Maui. I often have a hard time putting the beauty of this trip to words. I am not sure if it was the endless bright blue ocean, reminding me the depth of God’s power and love. Or the comfort of a friend who had known me my whole life to remind me that life existed before my marriage and it will exist after. Or maybe it was just those strong pina coladas with the festive umbrellas … Whatever it was, the surreal feelings of this vacation had me renewed, knowing that I could handle whatever I was going home to.

Travel does something to your soul. It removes you from the mundane and gives you that extra pep in your step. It shows you a greater world, bigger than your problems. In the day-to-day routines, our trials can be magnified to an unhealthy point. They can consume us because we keep our focus on them. Going somewhere new, even on your own, can be a huge game-changer for the health of your mind. If you’re going through something tough right now, I encourage you to venture somewhere new. Take your mind to places that will help rise above your hard times. Either by yourself or with your gal pals, get outta town and allow yourself a healthy escape. I promise you’ll come back feeling empowered to take on whatever “real life” is throwing your way.

One thought on “Get Outta Town

  1. Barb Chabai

    Great advice! I love going to the beach for a day or a weekend – there’s something about being near the water that is so good for the soul. I also try to get away once a year by myself – usually for a concert or some other event in another city that requires a plane ticket and gives me a hotel room to myself for a night or two! Ahhh.


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