Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

635815134889715618993136769_Brady-Bunch_article_story_large.imgopt1000x70I had the privilege of hearing an awesome speaker at the Divorced Catholics conference I attended a couple months back. Vince Frese has an incredible faith-based approach to life after divorce and the amazing how-to’s of having a healthy blended family. Tonight he is hosting a FREE online workshop. Here’s a little of what he’ll cover:

“Children are the innocent victims of divorce. This topic dives into all the challenges of single parenting and provides solid, practical advice on how to effectively help children overcome divorce.

This online workshop will cover:

  • How to ensure your kids are raised Catholic after divorce.
  • Strategies for dealing with issues not in the divorce decree.
  • When to introduce children to new relationships.
  • When and why to involve children in big decisions after divorce.
  • The most important ways to help children adjust to life after divorce.
  • Why the former spouse is so critical to helping children deal with divorce.”

I have registered and hope you will too!

Sign up here!

One thought on “Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

  1. Vince Frese (@vincefrese)


    Thank you so much for the shout-out for my free online workshop: Single Parenting: Helping Kids Cope with Divorce
    Plus: Raising Kids Catholic after Divorce. We had a great turnout! Please let me know if I can ever be of any help to you. Thanks again!

    God bless,


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