2 thoughts on “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

  1. Jessica Abell

    I read your blog on To Love, Honor and Vacuum. And as I read I had tears fully streaming down my face. I’ve spent the last year of my life learning to forgive the woman who stepped in and caused a huge rift in my marriage. My story is different because after my husband left, 10 days later he came home seeking forgiveness. But the woman that he had the affair with my friend. Who after it ended continued for months stalking my husband and harassing my family through it. I was angry. I had to deal with the immediate forgiveness of my husband and it is a continual forgiveness because the wound is still fresh even a year later.

    But forgiving her has been a different story. Because of her action during and after the affair I had no desire to forgive. I stopped myself and just plain refused to give in to it. And I knew that God wanted me to. And I fought him every step of the way. Until one day I decided to go God’s way. And it did give me freedom. It did give me room to start repairing myself. But it is still something I have to remind myself daily to do. Because it just plain hurts. The memories hurt and the friendship lost hurts.

    Thank you for you words. They give me encouragement as I still battle with forgiveness everyday.

    You can read more about my story at http://www.calledformotherhood.blogspot.com


    1. Lauren McKinley

      I am sorry for what you went through. No matter the situation, it is always difficult when an affair happens. I am happy to hear that God has guided you in the forgiveness process. I will pray for complete restoration and healing in your marriage.

      Thank you for sharing! I will check out your blog as well!


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