Changing Leaves

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This phrase really spoke to me. I remember being in post affair marriage counseling and our counselor saying, your old marriage is dead. Once a marriage has encountered such trauma the only way to look at it is death happened. In order to salvage your relationship, you will need to build a completely new marriage.

For wives who are mid or post trauma in their marriage, my prayer is that you would be able to completely let go of the dead relationship you’re recovering from. I pray that you would see a fresh start as exactly that and move forward full of hope for your new life.

For wives, who are now exes. The ones whose marriages died and that was that, my prayer is that you will be able to fully let go of that life. Grieve it, but let it go.

Either way, reminders of the former life will come, both good and bad. I pray that you’ll thank God for the happy memories and that He’d heal you from the bad ones. I pray that God would give us all the peace to leave the dead things in the season where they belong, the past.

One thought on “Changing Leaves

  1. Honey

    Thank you for opening up and encouraging those that you can now help through what you unfortunately had to experience. Letting go and starting over is so hard as Im sure you know but thank you for the reminder to continue to work at it.


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